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7. Bi-Component Training Course (Grundtvig )


Bi- Component Training Course es un programa exclusivo para profesores de adultos o vocacional ( + 18 años )  y en particular para profesores de asignaturas no linguisticas como Matematicas, Ciencias, P.E. etc asi como para profesores de idiomas o aquellos que tienen que desarrollar CLILL.

Nivel de inglés Fechas y Precios



All applicants receive full course information together with an Application form and Needs Analysis. The UK organisation issues a Letter of Pre-inscription for Grundtvig application purposes.

Then a host institution is chosen to "match" the Needs Analysis as closely as possible. The adult host institution then issues a Letter of Invitation which is sent to the applicant.

All succesful applicants are invited to join a pre-course on-line forum. This enables them to prepare for their course with other European colleagues following courses on the same dates, sharing their professional experiences and expectations of their training.


The course is aimed at providing non-native teachers of English with insights into their own and colleagues´teaching practice in a pan-European context by means of one to five weeks job shadowing ina  UK Adult learning Centre or Language School for Adults, preceded by a one-week course of linguistic and cultural preparation.


1 Week  Preparatory Linguistic/ Cultural Course: AInteractive English language (classroom) sessions, combining a range of input modes from workshop to seminar, encouraging participants to bring their own research and experience to bear. Special Session involving linguistic and cultural support for the practical attachment.

1 to 5 weeks School Attachment: ( 5 full days per week, excluding Bank Holidays) - guided observations, shadowing the Host teacher, directed tasks, team teaching and assignments.


1. Advice on how to access, from the teacher´s own country, changes and developments in teaching in England. A list of useful websites

2. A post-attachment feedback session to encourage coninuing professional development and evaluation of the impact of the course on their own day-to-day teaching

3. All leaving participants are invited to join a post-course on-line forum. Ths enables them to share their experience with other European colleagues and to asses the impact of their training on their own classroom practice once back in their own country.



Course Location: Bournemouth - England

Total Duration:  2,3,4,5 or 6 weeks

Training Activity:  Grundtvig

Max Class size : 5

Max Tutorial size : 5

Language used for training: English , Level CEF a2/b1 +

Certification:Certificate of attendance & CEF Linguistic Profile