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2. Methodology: General and Linguistic

Curso aprobado por la UE para solicitar una Beca

Este curso ha sido diseñado para profesores de inglés que ya tienen un buen nivel de inglés pero que necesitan actualizar sus métodos de enseñanza así como encontrar nuevas ideas y actividades aplicables a sus clases.

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Course Aims

This course is aimed at practising, or recently qualified, teachers of English who have already achieved a good standard of English and who wish to update their knowledge of contemporary issues in teaching methodology, to encounter new ideas and activities to enhance their classroom teaching, to share experience with teachers from other countries but also to examine English in greater depth and refine their knowledge of key concepts and ways to teach them.



The course is designed to develop your knowloedge of contemporary English usage and provide you with the opportunity to consider central features of the language in the light of contemporary ideas about grammar and lexis. It also provides a forum for development of your professional skills, from insights into recent developments in English language teaching to practical classroom ideas and activities.


Course Outline

Throughout the day you will work with an international group of fellow professionals (maximum group size 12). In the morning you will discuss issues in language teaching, looking at materials and activities to give you practical ideas for your classroom. You will also have the opportunity to observe some of our teachers putting some of the techniques we discuss into practice.

In the afternoon you will consider essential areas of the English Language in depth, discuss the classroom implications of modern ideas of grammar and lexis and discover new ways to teach them. There will also be the opportunity to look at areas of language you find particularly interesting.


Course Location : Oxford

Course Duration: 2 weeks