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2. Creative Teaching in the secondary classroom ( Comenius )


Curso de 2 semanas en los meses de Enero, Abril , Junio, Julio, Agosto y Noviembre ideal para profesores de Secundaria que necesitan refrescar su metodologia de enseñanza.

El curso del mes de Julio tiene lugar en las aulas del Business College de la Universidad de Oxford a tan solo 2 minutos del colegio.

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Horas clase x sem    21 + programa social y cultural 
Maximo alumnos clase 14,  media de 12 
Edad mínima 21
Nivel mínimo                 B2 o superior
Tipo de Beca            Comenius
Fechas   2012                  16 Enero, 16 Abril, 18 Jnio, 2,16 y 30 Julio , 12 Noviembre
Duración 2 semanas


Contenido del curso aprobado por la UE


The Course Includes:

* 21 hours per week
* Creative ideas to make your classes more livey and interactive
* Practical activities for motivating large classes
* Language improvement sessions
* A guided tour of Oxford
* A guided tour of Oxford University College or Punting on the river Thames
* One social evening with tutors per week
* A visit to a local school ( where possible )
* A visit to or a presentation by an Oxford publisher, when possible
* Experienced guest tutors in English Language teching
* An end-of -course certificate outlining the sessions and hours attended


All participants are required to fill in a Pre-Course questionnaire. The Course Co-ordinator plans the course to meet the special requirements of the group. The course content is outlined and discussed on the first morning, and is then adapted as appropriate.

The methodology sessions on these courses are practical and communicative. They include a wide range of activities for dealing with reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation in large, mixed ability classes. Popular sessions include Blended Learning, Multiple Intelligences and Classroom Challenges. Personal language development is also an important element of the course and based on the needs of the participants. Language improvement sessions to refresh and update your language are dynamic and interactive. Topics include grammar awareness, pronunciation, collocation, phrasal verbs and idiomatic expressions.

Where possible school visits in the local community are arranged. Some groups on summer courses also choose to attend an outdoor Shakespeare production in Oxford Castle or an Oxford University College garden. Course participants at other times of year often enjoy attending plays or concerts in theatres and music venues across the city. 


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Each participant will take away a CD of practical activities they can use in their classrooms and share with their colleagues.