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2. CLIL Course - Content and Language Integrated Learning


El fin de este curso es conseguir que el participante mejore su nivel de inglés al mismo tiempo que se trabaja y profundiza en los principios de CLILL - Content and Language Integrated Learning.

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Course Overview

The CLILL course is useful both for teachers already teaching using CLILL and for those who may be requiered to do so in the future. COurses are for teachers of primary, secondary and adult learners.

The CLILL ( Content and Language Integrated Learning) course aims to improve participant´s English Language skills and also explore the principles and methodology behind CLILL. The course provides participants with an understanding of how to combine language and subject teaching within a workable lesson framework and also explores ways for enhancing learning materials used by participants in the classroom.

Sessions will cover the basic methodology of teaching English as a foreign language and look at practical ways of using this methodology in the CLILL classes and involve evaluation of material currently in use in CLILL classrooms around the world. By the end of the course, aprticipants will have a a basic knowledge of EFL methodology and a framwork for planning CLILL lessons.


Areas Covered

- CLILL : Practical application in the classroom
- Underlying principles of CLILL
- Lessons framework in subject and language lessons
- Using the lexical approach and noticing language
- blended learning
- exploiting texts, guided reading
- visuals and support materials
- supported writting
- categorising language
- task design
- learning strategies

Course participants also have access to the college´s E-Learning platform where they can meet other course participants and trainers prior to the course, access a range of materials and actvities t enhance theri own language skills and continue to share ideas and experiences after the course has finished.

Course Includes 

- 25 lessons per week

- Use of all pedagogical material

- Maximun 15 participants per class

- Afternoon Social and Cultural Programme

- Evening Social Programme

- Transfers to and from COrk airport ( if host family accomodation has been arranged)