1. Language & Practical Methodology: Creativity in the Classroom

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1. Language & Practical Methodology: Creativity in the Classroom


El curso está diseñado para profesores de primaria. Les dará la oportunidad no solo de mejorar su nivel de inglés sino además aprender nuevas ideas par ala enseñanza del inglés como lengua extranjera con materiales para usar en sus propias clases.

Nivel de inglés     Fechas y Precios



These courses aim to provide non-native teachers of English at primary level with:

● a range of new ideas, practical classroom skills and materials for teaching English to young learners

● an opportunity to improve their own language skills and to acquire language for the primary classroom

● an insight into Primary Education in The United Kingdom

● an opportunity to exchange ideas and develop links with teachers from primary schools in other European countries

● cultural background to Life in Britain (to enable participants to draw comparisons between children’s lives in different European countries and convey to their pupils a realistic and up-to-date picture of everyday life in Britain and children’s lives at home and at school)

Contenido del Curso

1. PracticalMethodologyWorkshops on Teaching English as Foreign Language at Primary Level (3 or 4 days) conducted by expert teacher trainers with many years of experience in training European teachers of English and a wealth of exciting ideas to impart.

Emphasis will be on motivating pupils through a variety of child-centred activities which engage their imaginations and creativity. Different approaches to Primary Language Teaching will be discussed.

Plenty of practical ideas will be demonstrated and considered and teachers will be encouraged to participate. Many aspects will be covered including:

Developing listening & speaking skills; Songs, rhymes & chants; poems; Drama and role play; Storytelling activities;

TPR (Total Physical Response) Activities; Games; Drawing and craft activities; using pictures Teaching vocabulary;

CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning); Increasing motivation; Learner autonomy; Co-operative learning;

Using authentic materials; Correction and feedback strategies; Textbooks for young learners, CD Roms and the Internet; The European ‘Lingua’ Project: ‘Staging Early Foreign Language Learning’

A wide range of ready-made teaching materials will be provided. The Workshop will include Aspects of children’s lives in Britain: family life, homes, food, celebrations, customs, school life,

games, music, television, literature, fashion, hobbies, pets.

*CLIL The Exeter 23 Jan-5 Feb, 28 Jan-5 Feb & 29 Jan-10 Feb courses and Shrewsbury 8-20 July, 27 Oct-4 Nov & 28 Oct-9 Nov courses will include a special focus on Content and Language Integrated Learning exploring topics such as:

Teeth & Hygiene : Presentation of a range of storytelling materials, craft activities & songs to introduce young learners aged 5-7 to C.L.I.L.

Food : An example of a unit of work for ages 7-9, covering 8 weeks of lessons on food, food miles, menus, shopping, healthy eating, with songs, games and stories.

The Solar System : An example of a unit of work using craft activities and short stories to introduce pupils aged 9-11 to the science of the Solar System.

2. English Language Tuition including Listening and Speaking Skills, Pronunciation and Intonation, Grammar Review, Vocabulary (1, 2 or 3 days – see course programmes)

3. Classroom Language: Vocabulary, Expressions and Role Play for the Primary Classroom and Language for Storytelling (1 day) (except Belfast)

4.The Education System:- a lecture and discussion on Primary Education in the United Kingdom -day visits to two (or one) primary schools with an opportunity to observe lessons (except in school holidays)

5. Educational visit to:  

Bath From Cheltenham  and Gloucester England
Constable Country From Colchester England
Norwich From Ipswich England
Tunbridge Wells and Rye on the South Coast From Maidstone England
Chester From Shrewsbury England
Winchester From Porstmouth and Southampton England
Dartmoor National Park & Dartmouth From Exeter England
Welsh Open-Air Museum & St Fagans Castle From Cardiff Wales
Edinburg & Glasgow From Dunferline Scotland
Dublin From Belfast N. Irland


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